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Customer Comments and Reviews


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I heard about you while listening to CFRN and have been a subscriber for about a month.  I don't know what to say other than I am so glad to have found you.  The fun has come back to trading since using your RBI numbers and they have made a huge difference in my trading!  Thanks for doing your webinar a few weeks ago because I found that very informative and gave me a better idea of how you trade the numbers.

Thanks again for your service, I wouldn't want to trade without it!   


Luke W. ~ Ohio


FYI - "Trade Stalker" is a regular topic of conversation around the dinner table and my family says thanks for the RBI numbers also! 




This week was the best week for my trading this year. it begins all to come together...! all the GREAT (!) theoretical  stuff I could learn from you starts to become being a part of myself and a new dimension of  trading begins to clicking...after ~8 years of passional trading & hardcore learning, the first time Im going "INTO the zone", into the matrix, a door to an other feel of the market is open, a door to an other league. I begin to "FEEL IT" ! I hope my English describe what I want to tell you!? :)
so I want to THANK you one more time from the bottom of my heart, for all the work youve  done to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all the best from your German friend,
Peter ~ Germany



Please pass the good word to Mike, I've already more than paid for Mike's book and I'm only on page 24!

 I just got the e-book Friday and I was busy helping a friend build a house all weekend and I was dead tired Sunday nite.  Finally, I got to read some of the book last nite and voila!  Up over $400 today!  My first day.  No big losses and was seldom even slightly on the wrong side of the trades.  That was only because I entered a little early a couple times.  In fact I probably gave a little back staying in trades to long.  But  $400 after commish on one Russell contract is makin hay, yeah hah!

This is the first info I've purchased that I really believe comes from someone who could actually trade for a living!!  I wouldn't recommend a newbie jumping into right in this but for people who have some solid experience and monitor time behind them they can run with this right away.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and God Bless you.  If you want to use this as a testimonial do it.

Your new buddy in Minnesota, Ron H. ~ Minnesota


 Thanks Mike,

Tell folks with regard to your e-book--they should alternate reading it and your tele-seminar questions/answers each day for a week, give them a rest for a couple days and then do it again. Do this in the afternoon or early evening then review the day's trades. There is a lot more information of a truly useable practical nature in your work than might at first seem the case on the first read through. Nuances come to light as one combines the e-book with the teleconference notes especially important is to come back to your work and thoroughly peruse it after using your approach and setups.

Most of all it's the repetitive learning, not memorizing the first time through that sticks and becomes part of the trader. Same thing was true in my profession both in training and throughout the course of my career.

Daryl P. ~ Oregon





It has occurred to me that your service appears to be highly unique in this business. I am not aware of anybody else in the trading community that provides such highly useful daily support/resistance zones with commentary of probable moves as you do for the emini markets.....To say the least, I am highly pleased with your work and I hope you can keep at this post for many years to come. You are providing a level of service that is unparalleled in my view....I really like the notion that you do not generate any specific recommendations ... and that you assume that your audience is intelligent and experienced enough to benefit by your counsel while assuming that each trader is making up his and her own mind on market dynamics as they develop each and every day. Stanley Z. ~ Pennsylvania




“Dear Mike, I took out a trial subscription for 1 month, then renewed for 3 months, then renewed for 1 year. This stuff works - Sometimes I think the market is listening to your market letter, because the support and resistance zones seem to work like magnets, and the futures just hold at those levels. It may be voodoo, but I like how it works, and now I would ask - could you give me the winning lottery #s for tomorrow?" - Elliot N ~ Queens, NY




Hi Mike,
"I just wanted to tell you I used your numbers to sell at resistance and buy at support when they align and agree with my own numbers....and my odds of a successful trade go way up!!! Keep up
the good work. After several years of following your work, I know you will."
JKC ~ Florida



Mike, you must have a time machine in your basement! I've been following the RBI for almost 3 years now and I'm still astonished by the way the market respects your support and resistance zones. Beyond that, the accuracy of your "if-then" analyses is phenomenal! Those last two paragraphs of the RBI describe what actually happens at your zones, again and again! It's remarkable to see it happen with such regularity.

A long time ago, after months of merely skimming through those last two paragraphs, I finally realized their value. They are a trader's roadmap. When you say, "If the market breaks this support zone and doesn't quickly reverse, the next support zone should be a lay-up," I've learned to take your words very seriously. It's no wonder you have locals and hedge fund managers among your devoted subscribers.
Morrill T. Moorehead, MD, Pathologist Longview, WA




“I have known Mike for years and he taught me everything I know about trading. We used to talk on the phone during trading hours and he would tell me exactly where the market was going to rollover. I could never figure out how he did that.”
Mark Perrucci. Dayton, OH




I don't know anyone who has a better handle on the S&P than you."
J.M. - Denver, NC




Thanks so much for the Intraday Updates!!! Not only does it help keep me alert and offer a sense of trader community, but it also makes me money.

Today was a perfect example: I was transfixed by the falling market, but after your second update, I hit myself on the forehead. "Of course!" I exclaimed. The Nasdaq100 had just double-bottomed off the major support you had so clearly outlined. I promptly bought 200 call options at the first strike out-of-the-money... it took your update to wake me up to smell the cash!

Trust me, your updates DO get read and are appreciated.
Kevin D. - Boise, ID







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