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We assembled a group of traders just like you and asked them, "If you could ask Mike three questions about trading, what would they be?"

We held a tele-seminar and Mike answered these questions, and many more! We've turned that tele-seminar into a package for YOU chocked full of powerful trading advise and information that traders both new and seasoned would find invaluable!

Here's what one experienced trader had to say about this tele-seminar package...

Hello Mike,

I've taken the time over the past two days to listen to the Tel-seminar package that went on sale back in November. I must tell you, you are the real deal. You and Dick Diamond are cut from the same cloth.

No Hype or lies. Just a genuine interest to help other and you actually make a few bucks while trading.

The Tele- seminar was the best value I have experienced on money spent over the past 13 years, honest. Your helpful and really give of yourself to others.

All the best !!!

~ Tim D. ~

This package is full of new and fresh information, all time-tested, but adjusted for the current markets. Many of these questions were asked during Mike's last "Trader Camp" for which attendees paid $3900!

In this package you'll receive an audio download of 80+ answers to your *most asked* trading questions.

But that's not an added
BONUS, you'll also receive the transcript from the interview COMPLETE WITH CHARTS!

Follow along with the transcript as you listen to Mike answer questions from traders just like you.

Don't miss out on this time sensitive opportunity! Get a jump start on the new year!

Just the facts please!


bullet The package includes Mike's answers to your most asked questions about day trading.
bullet Just a few of the topics discussed include: indicators, entries/exits, set ups, internals,

time frames, etc.

bullet Mike is no "green horn", he has been trading for more than 30 years.
bullet His support and resistance zones have been published on the internet since 1996
bullet His approach to trading is rock solid, time tested, and has an unlimited shelf life.
bullet He has a wide readership that includes day traders, floor trader, hedge fund managers, etc.
bullet The valuable information contained in this package is worth more than 4x what we're

charging for it!

Turn your trading around today!

ONLY $49.95 !