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Learn Day Trading


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In 30 + years of trading, I’ve haven’t found a quick and simple way to learn day trading.

It took a lot of hard work and determination to turn the corner in this business. And if you are serious about your desire to learn day trading, that is exactly what it’s going to take.

If you want to support yourself day trading eminis, or trading anything else for that matter, you should think long-term. You should expect it to take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to learn day trading.

A good, experienced trading coach can shorten your learning curve by quite a bit, and save you a lot of money. Back in the ‘80’s, when I decided that I wanted to learn day trading , I found my trading coach and mentor. That was the turning point for me.

In my Trading Camp, I teach the method I’ve used for over 30 years to earn a living day trading. This is a unique approach to trading that you won’t find from other websites offering advice on day trading. Keep in mind though, in order to really learn day trading and master the business, don’t expect overnight success.

I also write a market newsletter each day, giving my "game plan" for the next trading day. I'm as specific as possible including Support and Resistance levels that I will be buying and selling against, which provides *you* with great trade set ups nearly everyday.

If you look around on the internet, you’re going to run into a boatload of
day trading advisor  services, some with “snake oil” guarantees and promises to “get rich quick”, etc…your email box filling up with day trading tips… general advice, mostly.

The big problem with that kind of hype is that they can’t promise you long term success, and in order to be successful, you must learn day trading from an experienced day trader who knows that a long term grinded out type of approach is better in the long run than 2 or 3 day sprints.

Yesterday’s hot day trading tips don’t help, because…

Markets change, but human emotion does not change.

If markets didn’t change, 90% of rookies would make the grade, and that
day trading advisor with the hard-won experience – those one’s who truthfully tell you it can take years to learn this business – wouldn’t have any students.

If markets didn’t change, you could learn day trading from booklets about oscillators and simple chart patterns. And the non-specific
day trading tips in your email box would make you money.

If markets didn’t change, day trading futures would make you wealthy in a matter of months. But markets do change and simple methods, mechanical systems and easy quick approaches begin to lose money fast.

So you have to find a method to learn day trading that is :

Uses your Mind, not a black box system

Doesn’t have 100,000 traders using it.
Exploits a basically unchanging edge like the extremes of emotion
And is time-tested by a real trader with years of experience, not a salesperson…


Are YOU serious about online futures trading?

For 30 years I’ve been day trading support and resistance, fading the crowd’s emotion, and making a good living along the way.

If you have the desire to truly learn day trading the right way, you’re going to need something better than temporary trading recipes, yesterday’s
day trading tips, and simple oscillator methods.

My approach to emini day trading will teach you to :

Enter against crowd emotion

Exit with crowd emotion

Exit trades that don’t go your way immediately

Protect your hard stops with support and resistance zones.


Instead of the useless day trading tips offered by some others, I’ll show you things like this:

Separate learning to time your entries from learning to exit bad positions early. They’re separate issues. Learn them separately from an experienced professional.

Here’s an exercise that’s worth its weight in gold:

On a simulated trading platform, practice getting out of every trade with a one-tick gain within the first 60 seconds. You’re just trying to break even on this and get your winning percentage into the 80% range. I’ll show you how it’s done in my Trading Camp.

Watch the NYSE TICK instead of volume. The symbol is $TICK on eSignal. Use it for timing your entries. After a while, you’ll see patterns emerge. The TICK will take your trading to a new level.

In my Trading Camp, I’ll show you how I set it up and use it to make a good living.

Make a wise decision…

Learn day trading from an experienced 30 year trading veteran

Cut years off your learning curve…Save thousands of dollars in trading losses by making an intelligent decision right here and now


Get your daily subscription to the most accurate emini day trading newsletter in the business, TradeStalker’s RBI Trader’s Updates.

This will be the smartest investment you’ve ever make in trading.

There’s never been a better opportunity to turn the corner and become a consistent trader!


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