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Day Trading the E-Minis


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Day trading the eminis takes a combination of discipline, caution, aggressiveness, fortitude, and willingness to take small losses quickly. I doubt that anyone is born with all these traits. Instead, the majority of traders day trading the eminis start this business with the wrong instincts.

They’re naturally willing to give up control of a losing position. When the market heads towards a rookie’s stops, he/she waits, hoping things will turn around. When they don’t, there’s often a temptation to loosen the stop and increase the potential for loss. This makes no logical sense, but it’s human nature. When day trading the eminis you have to learn to take small losses quickly to succeed.

We naturally get excited when the market starts making a big move. The new trader feels anxious about being “left behind,” and chases the market, usually getting on board near the end of the trend or just before the next pullback. By doing this, he/she has to suffer through the pullbacks as they approach their hard stops, often stopping out for a loss. A trader day trading the eminis needs to develop the discipline to wait for the pullbacks that end at high-probability setups before entering a position.

Sometimes a monster trend will falter at a key support and resistance zone with a high TICK spike, looking like a great scalp setup or a possible trend reversal. Those inexperienced in day trading the eminis will jump all over this setup and too often get run over by the continuation of the strong trend. This is where caution is important. A very strong trend cancels a classic reversal entry setup.

After a losing trade or two, a new trader will be apprehensive to enter the next setup. The market may pop up to a key moving average during a strong down trend, and the Tick may record an emotional extreme, but this trader hesitates to enter. The market will often move quickly and the edge that this classic RBI setup had a few seconds ago is now gone. This is where aggressiveness is key.

Everyone who has ever considered day trading the eminis for a living has been told something like this, “Are you kidding, the game’s rigged.” “It’s impossible to time the markets.” “My cousin tried that and lost $15,000.” “I read that 95 % of traders blow up their accounts.” “Better keep your day job.” No matter what you try to do, it’s going to be tough to get beyond your own doubts and especially the doubts of your family members and close friends. This is where true grit, perseverance, and an intelligent, well-informed approach are essential if you want to make a living day trading the eminis.

Next, if you don’t use support and resistance in your trading, you absolutely should. Accurate support and resistance is the only unchangeable part of the markets that I know of, and in my opinion, any trading strategy must include it to survive. I should know, I’ve been trading for more than 30 years, and for the past 16 years my support and resistance numbers have been published and subscribed to by traders of various degrees of experience. My RBI Trader’s Updates have the most accurate support and resistance levels you will find anywhere. Looking for consistency in your trading?
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There’s never been a better opportunity to turn the corner and become a consistent trader.


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