When I signed up for your
Traders Camp, I was hopeful that you could help straighten my trading approach out. My goal was to better define my entry points and my exit points. After the second day of the camp, I was certain that I chose the right avenue. With your guidance and being able to see the screens that you use for the entries and exits. The discipline that you use if the move is not going in the right direction to get out and wait for the next position. The set-ups that you use for the high percentage win trades, the scalps, the ranges, the moving averages when they are going your way. And the most important indicator of all "The Tick". This has given me the confidence to start trading to the next level. My success after the first week was better than what I had been doing on my own for a long time, even though for the most part it was a tight narrow range week.

I am extremely grateful for your coaching, teaching, training and mentoring. You have given me the hope and confidence that I was needing. Mike O. ~ New York 



Mike has a calming influence with his discipline, patience and emotional control. It has provided a great learning opportunity to see the e-book come to life .I have come to dislike most trading rooms, however, this room is a notable exception. Egos are not on display, and helpful members are the norm

~ Al B. - North Carolina



Mike's comments are invaluable. Being able to watch how "every trade starts out as a scalp". I never really understood, although I heard him say it a lot, until I was able to see it first hand. Like a pitching coach teaching a pitcher a new grip, has brought my "game" to a new level. -  Bob K. ~ NY



Mike's trading style  has been great to see in action. Watching a seasoned pro move in and out as the market gives direction has been insightful. Listening to his analysis as the markets move  has helped me see more clearly the rhythm within the market. I am also getting a better feel for the importance of  exiting quickly if the move is even a bit suspicious!! ...I have been able to pull the trigger more easily as Mike confirms what I am seeing /reading of the market signs.

Robert J ~ California



The trading room has given me confidence in my understanding of Mike’s method which I am trying to adopt as my own trading plan. I love Mike’s commentary as it has given me insight into why things are happening and what I should look for in order to enter or exit. Mike’s help in money management and managing a trade have been extremely empowering as well.

Suvir S. ~ Australia



It has been an eye opener to look over shoulder of a seasoned trader and hear his spoken thoughts. I have learned you need a lot of patience . Another important lesson for me was that once you become a proficient trader you do not need to sit in front of the screen all day, frightened to miss a trade. Mike demonstrated the ability to just pick up from where the market is trading.

Clayton K. ~ Andorra




Hi Mike,
Your camp was the last piece of the puzzle for me...I didn't realize it...but once I started to incorporate all that you showed us, I realized just how much you actually did show us...I'm really amazed at how much improvement I've made...just in this last week...Technique - Ah!...for me that was the key thing I was looking to take away from the camp - entries, exits, stop loss, targets, managing the trade...and what you showed us was exactly what I needed...made a world of difference
Mike, I really appreciate you taking the time to honestly help us less experienced traders...real mentors are few and far between and I feel fortunate to have been "guided" to you
Thanks again, Brad ~ Washington



"Without the help of RBI Trading Camp, I fear I may never have learned these lessons!!! I thank you, Mike Reed, for the extraordinary amounts of time and efforts you put into preparing for and presenting this "Camp"." ~
Glenn S. /Oklahoma



"Mike is the real deal, someone who trades his talk. Since I grew up as a swing trader in the futures due to my hedge fund background, Mike's focus on the short term has proven priceless in opening my eyes to the opportunities available in shorter time frames. If you want to learn from a true master, let Mike show you the way." ~

Founder, President, and Controlling Stockholder of Directional Research and Trading Inc.
Christopher C. / Alabama



Love the room. I am feeling more comfortable with the ranges. And really liking the short side more which novices take little advantage of. So, overall, the room is allowing an opportunity on both sides. Really enjoy the quick feed from Mike when he says get out of a trade if it is not working. With other rooms they let it run more and sometimes after one trade they are way in the hole trying to dig out rest of the day. Mike knows his trades. Steve B. ~ Tennessee



I really enjoy listening to someone who has been trading for 26 years. Your thought process is very interesting and valuable to me. I have gained more confidence in my trade entries when I hear similar thoughts from you. My confidence in spotting RBI setups has improved.

Ryan E. ~ Kansas



 Mike, I’m overwhelmingly impressed at how you’ve called and described trades and market action for trading. It’s offering me, and others, a learning experience unparalleled in my exposure to other training programs.
And YOU offer, in my experience of 20 years, the most real and most useful training I’ve encountered for SP-500 day trading.
I also recognize a GOOD person when I come across them in this industry. They are few and far, far between. You, in my experience, stand at the top!

~ Trader from Texas



TradeStalker.com Presents:
RBI Trading Camp


RBI Trading Camp is for Traders JUST LIKE YOU! Some of you have years of trading experience. Some of you are just starting out, all coming together for one common goal


Next Trading Camp: March 4th-10th


Many of you might be in the same shoes that Mike was more than 30 years ago. He'd been trading for 6 years on his own, but it wasn't until he spent a week with a trading mentor, that his trading really turned around. Now with over 35 years of trading experience under his belt, Mike is helping other traders to kick their trading into high gear.


The knowledge you glean from the RBI Trading Camp, doesn't expire...won't become outdated...there is no limit on the shelf life of this information! Mike is teaching you his personal, time tested, rock solid trading strategies, methods that have worked for him *consistently* for years.

"RBI Trading Camp"
is held via GoToWebinar, and you will be able to attend from the comfort of your own home or office. Mike only accepts 8 traders into each Camp Week, keeping the camp size small ensures more individual help for each "camper".


Each camper will receive:


A week of intensive training from a 35 year veteran trader.


Your own copy of "Read the Greed-LIVE!"


A copy of Mike's spreadsheets (campers are the ONLY traders who ever have access to Mike's spreadsheets)


Mike's 31 Page PDF - "Guide to Using the Extremes"


Mike's  PDF, "Which Set-Ups Need the Tick"


6 Months of Nightly updates, which includes access to our intraday instant messenger Room!





Sure, Mike could just call out the entries and exits and be done with it...but what would you gain as a trader? How about a better idea? Mike will show YOU how he determines where to enter and exit, how YOU can find support and resistance levels.

You've all heard the old adage, "Give a Day Trader a good trade, and he'll eat for a day, but *teach* a Day Trader to trade, and he can feed his family for a lifetime". This is so true!

What kind of trader are you? Are you looking for help with trading discipline? Maybe it's the mechanics of trading that you need questions answered. You're almost there but you're just not quite "getting it"?


For those traders who have not purchased, "Read the Greed-LIVE!", a course will be shipped to you. 


Don't wait..."seats" will fill up fast! Register Now!





Next Trading Camp: March 4th-10th







Important Note: There will be NO refunds issued. Please be sure that these dates will fit with your other schedules (ie: work, family, etc.) *before* registering. Thank You.




 TradeStalker.com, Investment Advisory Service, Fort Wayne, IN





It's very informative to have Mike comment on the current and developing market conditions and call out the trades. With his market read and the repetitive setups that occur, there is great progress in one's learning curve and this gives confidence in making trading decisions on our own... there comes more and more routine and calmness into my trading.
I've seen quite some trading stuff out there. If one likes short term trading, in my opinion there's nothing comparable out there to the service offered by TradeStalker.com!

Tobi B. ~ Germany



The trading room has positively affected my results by altering my style. I'm more likely to 'scrap' trades now than I was in the past. Consequently, I make more trades during the day and my daily results are more consistent. I trade mainly equities, but I also trade the S&P during the day. I use Mike's market commentary to help with overall market direction for equity trades and entry/exit for S&P trades. Ramzi K. ~ New York



My trading has improved tremendously. Mike has a unique ability to tell the right timing to enter a trade. He also has a much keener ability to know where to enter (i.e. "pop should fizzle around 822.50 to 823") than I do. I've been able to make my 3 points (and more) every day since we started, except 2. My best day had me up around 12 points. That's not bad for a guy who knew jack about trading only 9 months ago.
Heath J. ~ Alabama



My 'feel' for the market has improved. My entries have improved. My patience has improved. My confidence has improved. Have a better understanding of RBI setups. In summary, it has been most educative. For me the learning was most important. The profit was a bonus. Nuhu H. ~ Nigeria



 It is great to hear and see an experienced trader take trades and hear what he sees and does during the trading day. Also, how to manage stops was great to see and I learned much in this area as well. This alone was worth the time and cost.

 Lucy T. ~ North Carolina



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We are not advocating trading futures. The prices and contracts in the TradeStalker's RBI Updates specify a manner in which you could trade. We occasionally mention the SP500 and Nasdaq futures markets because it is extremely liquid and tends to lead the other markets. This is not an endorsement or recommendation of the SP500 and Nasdaq futures markets. The risk of loss in futures is substantial. You can lose more than your original investment. We are not Registered Investment Advisors or Commodity Trading Advisors.














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